If your organization has a requirement or is looking to implement EDI or XML and integrate with your Application System and exchange key business documents with your Customer or Supplier such as Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Remittances either with ANSI X12 or EDIFACT Standards, GVSR is very happy to assist you in all the activities of the EDI or XML implementation.
Our industry experience and the expertise can you help you with the selection of the EDI Software depending upon the volume of the business documents that your company will be exchanging with your customers or suppliers.

EDI Software

GVSR has highly experienced professionals in Sterling, GXS and Inovis EDI Mapping Products. If you have selected an EDI Software for your Organization, GVSR can help to take further to next step and start building an EDI sub-system to process EDI documents using either ANSI X12 or EDIFACT Standards.
Depending upon the EDI Software and your Application System our expertise has implemented medium to large scale EDI projects on Unix ( AIX, HP, Sun Solaris), Windows, AS/400 & Mainframe Systems.

EDI Road Map

This is the key component of the company vision from an EDI Implementation perspective.  What is the short term and long term goals that your company would like to accomplish by implementing EDI Software and integrating with your application software.  Some of the key items that drives your business and addressing your customer needs plays an important factor in implementing EDI.  Different Customers have different requirements and that has some impact on your operations and your ability to look at Customer requirements

  • Purchasing Department – If you are a Customer and buying material from your Suppliers, implementing EDI can help you to bring information faster and able to integrate with your application software easily and be in compliance with your Customer from EDI point of view.
  • From a Customer point of view depending upon the type of procurement you have with your Suppliers either Weekly or Monthly or Daily Schedules, implementing EDI helps to flow the information quickly to your suppliers and avoid keying errors and in turn get the shipments information and able to integrate into your application software.
  • In the Supply Chain involving both Customers and Suppliers, implementing bar code helps the organization to do the Automatic Receipts and eliminate manual receipts and payments can be made faster and you can claim the supplier discounts if any.​
  • If you are a Logistics Services provider, receiving your Pick Orders from you Customer, sending the Shipment Status messages such as Road and Ocean Status, Freight Invoices and other logistics business documents from and to your customer needs to happen electronically, EDI or XML is the right way to implement and integrate into your Application Software, GVSR have highly experienced professionals in all the logistics documents and our expertise can help you to bring you on board for EDI.

Build EDI Subsystem

GVSR is highly experienced in building a generic EDI subsystem either on Unix or Windows or AS/400 or Mainframe system. Our expertise will help help to automate and integrate seamlessly with your Application Software.  Some of our expertise has over 11 years of experience implementing medium to large scale EDI Modules for Manufacturing, Logistics, Distribution, Health Care industries.

  • Our expertise will help you to build an integration strategy which is right for you depending upon the Application Software that you are using.  If you have an SAP System, then GVSR has the experience in doing the SAP IDOC Mapping or if you have an Oracle or Peoplesoft then GVSR can seamlessly integrate with the EDI Staging Database tables with the ERP Systems.  If you have an homegrown ERP system, then GVSR has the experience in creating the EDI Staging and will build a generic EDI system for you.
  • GVSR has all the expertise in all the EDI Mapping area such IDOC Mapping, ODBC Mapping, Flat File or Application File Layout Mapping etc.
  • Our experience involving in build the communication software to exchange your EDI or XML documents with your Trading Partners can you help to build the right system, GVSR has the expertise in Value Added Networks (VAN’s), FTP Scripting, AS1, AS2 configurations and third party software such as Cleo (Lexicom).
  • These are some of the components that are involved in building a robust EDI System, please email sales@gvsrmap.com

EDI Standards

  • ANSI X12 Standards: 3060, 4010, 4030, 5010 v
  • Supply Chain: 830, 832, 850, 855, 860, 861, 862, 865, 852, 870, 880
  • Logistics: 110, 210, 204, 211, 212, 214, 315,Financial: 820, 823, 823, 810
  • Warehouse: 940, 945
  • HealthCare: 834, 837

EDIFACT Standards

  • D93A, D96A, D97A etc.

  • ANA1, ANA3
  • GVSR has the experience to integrate with any of the following Enterprise Resource Planning Software. GVSR has the functional experience to implement and integrate EDI in the areas of Scheduling, Releases, Forecasts, Purchasing, Receiving, Shipping, Sales transactions, Logistics, and Banking business documents.
  • SAP R/3, Baan IV, MS Dynamics, PeopleSoft, Oracle, IBS ASW, PRISM, AS/400 & Mainframe