EDITFILE Text Editor Features

Application File Tasks

EDITFILE comes with several intuitive editing tools

Large File Support

  • Split Large Files
  • Merge/Combine Files
  • Filter Segment Lines/Columns
  • Filter Lines with Multiple Strings

EDI Tasks

Easily translates dcouments to the desired EDI Format

EDI Tasks

  • Wrap/Unwrap and Split EDI X12, EDIFACT & TRADACOM Files
  • Convert X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOM Files to CSV

MAP Layout

Supports different Mapping Layouts

Mapping Different Layouts

  • Map SAP Layout
  • Map Custom Layout
  • Map ORACLE Layout

View Options

Column mode view option for various EDI Files

EDI File View Options

  • View X12, EDIFACT & TRADACOM in column mode
  • View Delimited files in column mode

More Features

Ability to convert EDI files to CSV file format

More Features

  • Convert X12, EDIFACT & TRADACOM files to CSV file
  • Convert delimited files to CSV file

EDITFILE Trial Version

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